Welcome to Apollo Studios.

Here's how to get paid when you work with us. The three steps a very simple, but all three must be completed before we issue a payment.

Hey guys. This is a work in progress. Everything will be up and running soon.

Here a some things you need to do/know before you do anything else :

Name your tracks

Each of your tracks must have a unique name. The name cannot be related to the project's or client's name. Use something short, with two to three words. And please, avoid jokes and bad taste or someone will have to rename it down the line.

Your titles are important! They will stay with your songs all the way to its archival, future pitches, etc.

Feeling lazy? Try this nifty tool that will generate titles for you, based on one word you input.

Song title generator

Find the project # for all your projects

Having the project's number on your invoices, contracts and uploaded tracks helps a lot. And now, you even have a real time projects list available right here.

Ongoing projects list

Here are the steps to prepare your tracks to upload them :

  1. Bounce a Rough Mix of your song.
  2. Put a “2-beep” on a blank track at 9:59:58:00 (or exactly 2 second before the movie’s first frame)
  3. Disable all Mastering Plugins
  4. Bounce all tracks individually in AIFF or (best)Broadcast WAVE format.
  5. When bouncing, make sure all created tracks are of equal length.
  6. Put all tracks (including the rough mix) in a folder with the title, the BPM, bitrate and sample rate of the song.
  7. Compress (zip) the folder,

Once you're done, upload your tracks.

Go to the tracks upload page

The freelancer publishing agreement (ok, the contract) is to protect both Apollo and you. It is important that you fill all the fields, sign it, send us a copy, and keep one for your files.

Electronic signature

Electronically signing your contracts is easy and simple, once you've set it up for the first time. Need help to set it up ? Please read the above tutorial, or ask Felix.


Download the Engligh contract Download the French contract

There are some important informations that need to be on your invoice. If they're not, you'll have to modify it and send it again. So please make sure you include :

  1. The date
  2. A unique ID
  3. Who are you ? (Your name and full adress)
  4. Who are you billing to ?

    Apollo Studios
    4454 Papineau
    Montreal QC
    H2H 1T8
    Apollo Studios
    720 King Street, Suite 320
    Toronto ON
    M5V 2T3

  5. For every project you are billing for, the name and ID of the project.

Yeah! All done.

Need some help?

If you need a username or a login, or if you've already got one and need some help, please contact reception@apollostudios.com.

New look

Hey guys! This page is getting a brand new look, and maybe some new features too. Suggestions or comments? Please contact felix.brabant@gmail.com.